Free Consultation for Your Child

We call it an “Emotional Health Checkup”.

I Don't KnowMany of us have been to the local GP for our physical health check-up, but what about our emotional health?

We have been listening to what you believe is important!  We offer this complimentary service to the public to help YOU find the right therapist.  Many people are worried about the cost of therapy, who to choose, how to avoid getting the wrong person or wrong therapy approach.  Children, Adolescents and Families are welcome to book a free check up at Vision Psychology.

While talking to the reception staff can be helpful, it is more appropriate that your initial conversation be in confidence with a senior therapist who can direct you to the “right” person, explain ways to gain rebates, access to psychiatry or medical services and integration of counselling and other therapies or treatments.  All therapists offering this free service have training in serious mental health conditions and can provide advice, assessment and second opinions to any age group.

We believe that it is important that this service is offered by the most experienced therapists.

There is no cost for the 30 minute Emotional Health Check up. You don’t need a referral as we help you to work out the next step.  The appointment starts by completing questionnaires regarding your general and emotional health (allow about 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire).  The free service is limited to one face to face appointment and it is best to allocate an hour for your visit. We will be able to provide you with an idea of how you are feeling compared to others, and whether your concerns may or may not need counselling.  If counselling may be of benefit, then you will be provided with a range of options for types of therapies, clinicians and given an idea on the cost of your treatment and whether you would qualify for a rebate.  This service is aimed to assist in matching you to the right type of therapist and takes a lot of effort out of the process of finding the “right” person for you.

The appointments can be booked by calling 1800 877 924 and asking for a “free emotional health check up”.

Common Questions:

I have a family member with a problem and I don’t know what to do?

It is better if you both attend if you have a family member with a problem. Sometimes couples or parent/child/teenager will book an emotional health check up each.  Frequently there will be individual counselling and sometimes couple/family counselling can be helpful. If your family member needs emergency help it is better to see your GP as we are not a crisis service.  We can help with identifying which type of counselling might help more given the symptoms and concerns.  The allocated psychologist will usually take a few sessions to assess the problem, provide initial feedback and suggest ways to reduce symptoms.

What if I can’t afford treatment?

If our assessment indicates that 10 bulk billed sessions would adequately treat your symptoms and that a mental health plan is appropriate, then we will be able to find a psychologist who can bulk bill and can provide the level of counselling that is needed for your symptoms.

I’m a teenager can I see you?

Ideally if you are in high school it would be good to bring a support person, but we welcome young people who want to know about counselling and how it might help.  We can also help you if you have a friend that might need counselling.

I think I might be depressed or have something worse, can you help with identifying a mental disorder?

Psychologists are trained in the assessment and treatment common disorders like depression or anxiety as part of the requirements for their registration.  Psychologists can help by assessing you for psychological disorders if they are familiar with treating and have special expertise or training.  Some of the rarer or more serious disorders can require special training.  Most clinical psychologists and many general psychologists have areas in which they specialise or feel confident in diagnostic assessment and use of counselling.  All psychologists and counsellors in our clinic can access information about assessment from others if there are symptoms with which they are not familiar with from their expertise or training.

I have a child with behavioural problems, can I talk to you about the issues we are having in the family?

Yes, you can attend with or without your child.  Sometime parents will drop by and gain support for themselves at the same time they book their child into seeing a therapist for counselling.

My whole family has been through a tragedy, can you help us?

Yes, we can work through a treatment strategy that will help all your family.  Sometimes this includes a stepped approach of helping those in most need first, then the helpers, then building resilience through enhanced coping and motivation to get through the challenges caused by the event that was traumatic.

If you have further questions, please call the office on 1800 877 924 today!