Free Low Cost Child Assessment

Our intern psychologists at Vision Psychology (Mt Gravatt) and M1 Psychology (Loganholme) provide low cost cognitive and intelligence testing. Intern psychologists are supervised by experienced child psychologists with expertise in psychometric testing, educational and developmental psychology, assessment and treatment of mental disorders in children and adolescents. Low cost testing ranges in cost from Free to $400 per test.  We are able to offer free testing when an intern has specific training requirements and offering a free service depends on the availability of suitably trained interns.

little girl thinking in the classroom

So if you child’s school or child’s specialist or doctor requests assessment, with a WISC test or WPPSI test, these tests are readily available. Once an intern psychologist has completed an intake assessment, delivered the assessment, and provided an explanation of the results, parents will be given an idea on what help is available to manage the issues that lead to the request for testing.  We have child psychologists with expertise in treating learning disorders in children, mental health conditions that impact learning such as anxiety, sleep disorders, and family issues such as separation and divorce.