How a Behavioural Optometrist can help

If your child is experiencing problems at school, a visit to a behavioural optometrist may be of benefit.

One in four children has vision problems that, without treatment, could affect their learning and enjoyment of school.

see a behavioural optometrist if your child is having problems at schoolWhat does a Behavioural Optometrist do?

A behavioural optometrist can test for and treat difficulties such as:

  • Eye movement and tracking required for reading;
  • Hand-eye coordination;
  • Spatial perception; and
  • Visual information processing.

If a problem is detected, a behavioural optometrist may prescribe glasses, optical aides, visual therapy and/or eye strengthening exercises.

All of the optometrists at Aphrodite Livanes Eyecare Plus at Alexandra Hills, on Brisbane’s bayside, are behavioural optometrists. Find out more at: